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order-nowDriveshaft International specializes in providing high quality CV Axles and driveshafts at an affordable price. Our products are American Made, in Denver Colorado, and we have been providing superior parts and service for over 35 years.

At Driveshaft International’s state-of-the-art facility, our experienced staff can re-manufacture or custom build high quality driveshafts. The driveshaft service is done in one day from the time we get the shaft. We carry over 1500 CV Axles for all makes and models, and over 500 Axles for 2006 and newer. If we don’t have an axle in stock, we can rebuild the original axle, and it only takes 2 hours! We offer free estimates for all our services.

Don’t buy an inferior product for more money! Driveshaft International guarantees its products and has built its industry leading reputation on our quality products and service.


We rebuild all types of driveshafts and CV axles, as well as:

  • Steering Gear Boxes
  • Rack & Pinion
  • Differentials
  • Transfer cases
  • Power Steering Pumps

In addition, we also

  • Press Bearings

All of our parts are supplied by:


Custom Steel Driveshaft

Design Features

Seamless Carbon Mechanical Tubing we use are straighter, rounder, and more well built than the cold rolled tubing common in original equipment. Computer-assisted design programs are used to predict critical speeds that determine allowable shaft lengths. All shafts are custom using the finest blend of components to meet the demands of each application.

Assembly Features

Each shaft guarantees a proper centerline of rotation based on the shaft’s universal joints. This proper centerline alignment allows shaft run-out tolerances to one-half or less of those required by original equipment manufacturers. Our low tolerance provides for superior accuracy in shaft balancing resulting in a smoother run throughout all RPM ranges.


Custom Aluminum Driveshaft

Aluminum Driveshafts are manufactured from custom drawn 6061-T6 D.O.M. aluminum tubes for reliable strength utilizing 6061-T6 aluminum forged weld yokes for fortified grain structure. Internal stress induced by the machining process is reduced by working with the grain structure resulting in a more resilient product. Our “State of the art” welding processes enhance this reliability.

Custom Carbon Fiber Driveshaft

Carbon Fiber driveshafts are custom built. This product is used significantly in heavy-duty applications or where extreme vibrations could tear down a metal shaft. In the event you should have a component malfunction, a carbon fiber driveshaft will shred itself rather than cause substantial damage to the vehicle.

Our wet filament wound carbon fiber (with no metal substrate) allows longer unsupported spans than are feasible with metal tubes. A Carbon Fiber driveshaft has superior torque capacity and a longer fatigue life than a steel or aluminum tube.The shaft reduces vibration common to overdrive equipment vehicles significantly.


Heavy Trucks, Diesel Tractors, Refuse Trucks, etc. where a lot of stress is encountered under heavy loads or quick power applications, it’s also essential for auto and heavy dynamometers.

Stock Replacement

Constant-velocity joints (a.k.a. homokinetic or CV joints) allow a driveshaft to transmit power through a movable angle at a regular rotational speed. It’s all without a noticeable rise in friction or play. They are used mainly in front wheel drive and all-wheel drive cars. Rear-wheel drive cars with independent rear suspension normally use CV joints at the ends of the rear axle halfshafts, and use them on the propshafts more and more. Audi Quattros use them for all four half-axles and on the front-to-rear driveshaft (a.k.a. the propeller shaft) as well, for ten CV joints overall. A rubber boot (a.k.a. a CV gaiter) protects constant-velocity joints. Cracks and splits in the boot will let contaminants in, which would cause the joint to wear rapidly. Most vehicle CV axles are designed to last 150,000 miles, but replacing them between 70,000 to 130,000 is normal as well. Inspecting the rubber boot surrounding your CV axle every oil change is a beneficial preventative measure. When boots are ripped, vital protective grease is removed and causes premature failure. We help replace or maintain any CV shaft all while controlling unnecessary cost. We stock a broad array of CV axle shafts, CV axle boots, rear axle shafts, and U-joints.

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